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AFNS Entry Test Guide

  • Selection Procedure
  • Syllabus
  • AFNS Admission Eligibility Criteria
  • Important Instructions for Solving MCQs Paper
  • Nurses are the Heart of Healthcare
  • Nurses Job Description
  • Responsibilities of a Charge Nurse
  • Introduction to Pakistan Army
  • History of the Pakistan Army
  • Classification
  • Analogy & Series Completion Test
  • Verbal Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests
  • English Verbal Ability
  • Physics With Explanatory Answers
  • Chemistry With Explanatory Answers
  • Biology With Explanatory Answers
  • General Knowledge With Explanatory Answers
  • What is Personality Test
  • Autobiography
  • Improve Your Personality
  • Self Assessment Papers

FAST BS (CS/Engineering) Entry Test Guide

➡New Syllabus & Policy
➡Analytical Skills
➡️IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
➡️Basic Mathematics
➡Advance Mathematics
➡️Explanatory Answers
➡️Expected Questions
➡Sample Papers
➡Fully Solved Objective (MCQs)

LAW GAT Test Guide

  • Revised Syllabus & Distribution of Marks – 2023
  • Selection Procedure
  • LAW-GAT An Introduction
  • What is Law-GAT
  • Constitutional History
  • A Brief Background Constitutional History
  • Constitution of Pakistan 1973
  • International Law
  • English Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Criminal Law
  • Pakistan Penal Code (CPC)
  • Criminal Procedure Code
  • Law of Evidence
  • Professional Ethics
  • English Legal Language
  • Eligibility Criteria for HEC Law GAT
  • Requirements/Conditions/Terms
  • Important Instructions for Solving MCQs Paper
  • Fully Solved LAW-GAT Sample Questions

Punjab University E – Pre Engineering Guide

University of Punjab PU-E
Admission Test for Undergraduate Programs
➡️New Syllabus & Policy
➡Selection Procedure
➡Guidelines for Applications
➡Eligibility Criteria HEC-PU-2023
➡️Verbal Reasoning
➡Quantitative Reasoning
➡️Expected Questions
➡Sample Papers
➡Fully Solved Objective (MCQs)
➡️Fully Solved Original Model Papers